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Stoney Burke

Live broadcasts through RJUR is history. Go to The Stoney Burke Show and Center Stage for on-demand streaming of previously-aired shows.

Featuring your favorite artists, albums, and live concerts. Get to know what these performers are all about. Their history, discography, and idiosyncrasy.


The Stoney Burke Show (Formerly "Rockin' Classics") Nostalgic cuts from the classic rock artists who moved and grooved you in the 60s, 70s, and beyond. From ZZ Top to the Allman Brothers. From SRV to CCR. From If to Them to Yes.


RockJock Reunion 2000
Los Angeles, California

Rockjocks at 70s Bistro
Stoney Burke's Trip to Manila
Feb 14-28 2010

About Stoney Burke

* Why "Stoney Burke"?

The story behind this moniker is shrouded in mystery and speculation. But since you're here now, you get to know the truth.

Stoney Burke 1973 Stoney Burke 1976 Stoney Burke 2009
Back then, when I was starting out as a disk jockey, I was crazy about the Rolling Stones. I wanted a handle however remotely related to the Stones. "Stoney" sounded apropos, but my good friend Wayne Enage ("Brother Wayne" to most) came up with this brilliant suggestion: "Why not 'Stoney Burke'?" The name was Jack Lord's character in a short-lived early-60s rodeo series of the same title.

The rest is history. Now you know.

* Where is then, and where is now?

Then is Manila, Philippines, where I was born and raised. So, yes, I speak Tagalog. I also speak the language of my parents: Spanish.

Now is Orlando, Florida, USA, where I've taken root since the late-80s. So, yes, I've been to Disneyworld. Even worked for The Mouse a few years.

MGM Studios, 1998 Epcot, 2007

* What was your role in DZRJ back in the day?

I became the station manager of DZRJ in 1976. I was in my early 20s. That was six years after I joined DZUW (DZRJ's sister station) as a disk jockey. In 1979, I became the Assistant General Manager of DZRJ. Here's a quote from a 1980 publication about what I did back then:

"Mike's work at DZRJ entails the overseeing of sales and broadcast operations of the radio stations, a task he does with a few problems thrown in, none of which have been too much to tackle. He also goes on board, both for the AM and FM stations.

"'We got a job to do, so let's do it first before we play,' this credo Mike instills in his subordinates and co-employees. His relationship with them is personalized; he sometimes goes out with the guys, talks things over with them, gets feedback on operations, etc. He believes that each person has his worth so he gives everybody a chance to harness his own talent. 'I believe in initiative, motivation...' he rationalizes." -- The Link Magazine, 1980

That year, DZRJ-AM was rated the No. 1 radio station in Metro Manila.

* Tell us about your signature "Crossroads" show.

"Crossroads" was the title of my show back in 1978. Here's a quote from the Rajah Broadcasting Network Media Kit then:

RJ Logo"Crossroads brings out the nostalgia of a listener and brings back to life once again the music of the mid-sixties up to mid-seventies. Backtracking and reminiscing those great old tunes, Stoney Burke brings back not only the music but also the memories which go with it. Crossroads helps the listener appreciate the music as a whole regardless of the time it became popular. We call this Rock Radio's time capsule, when all those years crisscross, every Saturday from 10 to 12 AM." -- Rajah Broadcasting Network, 1978
In Feb 2001, I joined as Stoney Burke and streamed an online version of my old "Crossroads" format... 24/7 for seven years. That was a trip.

Here's my defunct station's description at Live365: logo"Crossroads" is the revival of an original show I hosted in DZRJ AM / FM stations during the latter part of my 14 radio years. The best online classic rock radio from the best decades of rock 'n' roll! Long-hair no-metal nostalgia!"
Crossroads on Live365 2001 Crossroads on Live365 2005
Crossroads banner

I received a lot of encouraging feedback from my stream listeners. I managed to post some in my retired site. It was fun while it lasted.

* What made you return to Manila's FM radio?

RJ UR 105.9 FM It all started when my stepson convinced me to join Facebook. Within days, I found myself actively hooking up with old buddies from my radio days. Before I realized what was going on, I had said yes to joining my fellow rockjocks already on RJ UR's "Rock of Manila Sunday" lineup. I had only two weeks to get my act together. My new "Rockin' Classics" show debuted on July 26, 2009.

Stoney Burke, 2009

* Are you really back in Manila for good?

I retired from the daily grind back in 2014. By 2015, Toosday and I have made MetroManila our base of operations. It was the natural course of things to return to radio. RJ and I reconnected. One thing led to another and the RJFM Saturday evening RocknRoll Diner debuted in January, 2016.

Unfortunately, the radio landscape had evolved into something I'd rather not mess with. And traffic in Manila had become quite unbearable. So, with that double-whammy, I decided to retire from radio... again.

Stoney Burke, 2016

* So, what now?

What happened was I couldn’t just be a couch potato with nothing good to listen to on the radio. I went out at night looking for my kind of live music -- good ol’ rock and roll. All I found were new wave and the usual blues jams.

Finally, it hit me. I will form my own rock and roll band and play my kind of music. Maybe people out there who share my passion will come to watch the gigs. Maybe I can expose the younger generation to what good music really sounds like. And there it is: THE STONEY BURKE PROJECT. Check us out. You might like what you experience.

“No rock on the radio? No problem. Get it LIVE!” – The Stoney Burke Project

The Stoney Burke Project

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