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Stoney Burke

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Featuring your favorite artists, albums, and live concerts. Get to know what these performers are all about. Their history, discography, and idiosyncrasy.


The Stoney Burke Show (Formerly "Rockin' Classics") Nostalgic cuts from the classic rock artists who moved and grooved you in the 60s, 70s, and beyond. From ZZ Top to the Allman Brothers. From SRV to CCR. From If to Them to Yes.


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Click to listen live to DZRJ 810AM12/20/10: If you listen to DZRJ 810AM, you'll catch my 2-minute Rock'n'Roll Review segments featuring my take on the latest album releases of our favorite classic rock artists. Here are two of them converted into YouTube videos:

10/26/10: Eagles! Got to watch their Fall 2010 Tour at the brand new Amway Center in downtown Orlando. The four dudes are still at the top of their game!

Eagles at the Amway Center Eagles at the Amway Center

9/05/10: Jake Taylor came to town! My longtime friend and fellow jock scooted down from New York to enjoy the Labor Day weekend with us. The last time we saw each other was more than 5 years ago. Nice to see you again, Jake!

With Jake Taylor

Santana-Winwood Concert, Tampa, July 31, 2010 8/02/10: I wouldn't have missed it for anything. Carlos Santana and Steve Winwood together on stage. It was indeed a double treat! It was also my first time to catch an open air concert, in the dead heat of summer. An experience, to say the least. See all our photos here.


7/25/10: The Bad Company North American Tour 2010 swung by The Lakeland Center Jenkins Arena (less than an hour's drive from Orlando) on the 22nd. The Greg Billings Band opened the show and set the mood for a night of good ol' rock'n'roll. Appreciated the chance to catch three of the original Bad Company members -- Paul Rodgers, Mick Ralphs, and Simon Kirke -- in the flesh.
[Read: Ruby's blog post about the tie-dye guy at the show.]

Bad Company North American Tour 2010: Lakeland, FL

7/22/10: Now we have "The Stoney Burke Show" Group on Facebook. Join us for the inside scoop on what I'll feature on my Rock of Manila Sunday shows. Send in your requests and dedications. Drop me a note at the Group page or send me an email at Rock on!

P.S. Previously-aired programs of The Stoney Burke Show are also available on-demand. Stream the shows anytime, all the time, commercial-free!

6/30/10: Join our recently-formed Facebook Group: CENTER STAGE hosted by Stoney Burke. Be privy to whatever harebrained stunt I might come up with, especially for my first back-on-air anniversary with RJ Underground Radio this July. Tell your friends! This could be a lot of fun!

6/25/10: *Finally At Last Sa Wakas* Stoney Burke On-Demand! How about that! Visit the Center Stage page and look for "Stoney's Lounge". Previously-aired Center Stage shows are now available for anytime listening. We've started to upload shows that were aired last year. Streams of The Stoney Burke Show are also in the pipeline. Stay tuned!

6/09/10: Another awesome night at the Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater, Florida, taking in the unmatched virtuoso of Peter Frampton and Yes. My first time to enter this famous center for performing arts and watch Frampton and the new lineup of Yes. Guitarist Steve Howe is still at the top of his game! I did miss Jon Anderson (replaced by Benoit David) and Rick Wakeman (replaced by eldest son Oliver Wakeman), but it was a good, packed, fun concert nonetheless.
[Read: Ruby's blog post on the concert-loving folks we met at the show.]

Peter Frampton and Yes in concert

4/14/10: Watch a short clip of Stoney Burke's interview by Ramon Jacinto at the RJ Sunday Jam telecast of Feb 21, 2010. This is a 3-minute video capture behind the scene.

Play Video Clip

4/07/10: Newsflash! You can now listen to Stoney Burke's spotlight on Eric Clapton... at your convenience. Go to the Radio Shows page for this special treat. [Update 06/30/10: The Radio Shows page has been replaced by the Center Stage and Stoney Burke Show pages. The Eric Clapton feature is in the Center Stage page.]

3/14/10: The Amway Arena was packed to the rafters last night. Eric Clapton is still the "God of Guitar." He makes those strings wail and he makes it look so easy. EC delivered his trademarks, from Key to the Highway, I Shot the Sheriff, Layla and Wonderful Tonight to the Crossroads encore. I'm glad I got to see him again before he retired.

Clapton 2010 Tour Orlando TicketsRoger Daltrey and his band opened the evening with a great selection of The Who songs, making it feel like I watched two awesome shows for the price of one.

Read my Facebook Notes about the event: Eric Clapton in Orlando

Next up, Stephen Stills in April and Jonny Lang in May, both at the House of Blues, Orlando.

Clapton 2010 Tour Memorabilia

Rockjocks at 70s Bistro

3/5/10: My Manila (Feb 14-28 2010) sojourn was momentous, to say the least. Imagine culture shock from being absent from the "lupang sinilangan" (land of birth) for more than 20 years. Imagine meeting up with family and friends I have not seen nor heard from in decades. Read my story and check out the photos. Thanks to everyone who made my trip so worthwhile! You guys rock!

1/31/10: Catch me in Metro Manila on the last two weeks of February 2010! I'll be checking out 70s Bistro, Fernwood Gardens, Araneta Coliseum, One Tagaytay Place, RJ UR, old hangouts I haven't visited in a long time, and new haunts I look forward to experiencing with good friends. See you there!

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Mike Llamas
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