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Stoney Burke

Live broadcasts through RJUR are on hiatus. Go to The Stoney Burke Show and Center Stage for on demand streaming of previously-aired shows.

Featuring your favorite artists, albums, and live concerts. Get to know what these performers are all about. Their history, discography, and idiosyncrasy.


The Stoney Burke Show (Formerly "Rockin' Classics") Nostalgic cuts from the classic rock artists who moved and grooved you in the 60s, 70s, and beyond. From ZZ Top to the Allman Brothers. From SRV to CCR. From If to Them to Yes.


RockJock Reunion 2000
Los Angeles, California  

  Rock 'n' Roll Heaven, Orlando, Florida Rock 'n' Roll Heaven
Where Stoney gets most of his music.


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Happy Holidays from Stoney Burke

Tune in to the Stoney Burke Christmas Special on RJ UR. The 3-part holiday special will air on Center Stage on Dec. 19 and 26, and on Rockin' Classics on Dec. 20. Read more about it here.

Playboy Philippines features Stoney Burke and RJ UR Rockjocks

It's out!

Playboy Philippines December 2009 features the Rock of Manila Rockjocks: Stoney Burke, Madman, Spirit, and Cousin Hoagy.

"Rock Jocks Return" is a Playboy interview by Ruby Bayan. Copies available at all 7-11 outlets in Manila.

Happy Holidays!

Send in your own Stoney Burke Plug!

Attention All Fans! Care to hear your voice on Stoney's show? Here's how:

  1. Record a short Stoney Burke plug (details below).
  2. Email the audio file to
  3. Tune in to the Stoney Burke Show, RJUR 105.9FM Sundays 6-8PM Manila, streaming worldwide right here or from
Sample plugs:
  • "Hi, I'm [YOUR NAME HERE] and I listen to the Stoney Burke Show!'
  • "My name is [YOUR NAME HERE] and I'm a Stoney Burke fan! Are you listening to UR?"
  • "Hello from [YOUR CLUB/ORG/COMPANY] of [YOUR LOCATION]. We always tune in to RJ UR and the Stoney Burke Show!"
You can be creative! Say what you want to say, and if Stoney likes your spiel, he'll play it on the air. Is that cool or what!

Note: By sending in your audio file, you grant Stoney Burke Productions explicit permission to use the file on Stoney Burke's radio shows at its own discretion. Stoney Burke Productions reserves the right to edit the file for timing, quality, and other considerations.

Submit your Stoney Burke plugs now! [posted 11-16-09]

Obi-Mike Kenobi
HAPPY HALLOWEEN from Obi-Mike Kenobi!
More photos in Mike's Facebook page.

Blues Traveler at the House of BluesMORE TICKETS! Blues Traveler at the House of Blues. We know where we'll be that Friday.



Jackson Browne tickets



Jackson Browne is coming to Orlando in November. Bought balcony seats to celebrate Stoney's nth birthmonth. Looking forward to a great time!



Stoney Burke Productions 2009
Watch a 5-second video of Stoney Burke on board
(This will take you to his Facebook Fan Page.)

Center Stage hosted by Stoney BurkeSEPTEMBER NEWSFLASH! Stoney Burke is hosting another RJ Underground Radio segment. This time, every Saturday morning. Debuting on Sept. 12, 2009, Stoney Burke presents "Center Stage" -- a two-hour show featuring artists, albums, and live performances. Plus... information, trivia, liner notes, and some "Did you know...?" moments. Saturday mornings... focus on Stoney Burke's "Center Stage."

Tune in to RJ UR 105.9FM Saturdays 10AM (Fridays 7PM Pacific / 10PM Eastern) or click to listen live.

Sept 26 Feature: Steely Dan
Sept 19 Feature: Eric Clapton

Wondering who voiced the plugs on Stoney Burke's "Rockin' Classics"? Find out here.

Stoney Burke presents Rockin' Classics


Listen to Stoney's Rockin' Classics Promo Spiel 1 (mp3)
Listen to Stoney's Rockin' Classics Promo Spiel 2 (mp3)

Rock Jocks Reunion, 2000
"The Rock of Manila Rockjocks: First Impressions"
by Ruby Bayan, Nov. 2000

I didn't know anyone of them from Adam -- or Eve for that matter. In fact, back in the 70s, I thought of all the slang-speaking RJ DJs as "conyo boys" epitomized. Their music was too loud, their playlist a string of unheard-of songs, their ramblings too expat for my taste -- I wasn't an RJ fan at all.

In 1985, however, I met one of them at a KBP function -- the haughty-looking white dude called Stoney Burke -- he had moved on to KS-FM then, hosting a jazzy show called "Quiet Storm." We were introduced, and that was my very first, and obviously on-going, encounter with a Rock of Manila boss. Read more...

Mike Llamas
Mike Llamas
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Facebook Page: Stoney Burke / Mike Llamas - Rock Jock... "like" the man.

Mike 1978 Stoney Burke, 1978
Mike 2009 Stoney Burke, 2009
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