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* Mar 5, 2016
* Feb 27, 2016
* Feb 20, 2016
* Feb 13, 2016
* Feb 6, 2016
* Jan 30, 2016
* Jan 23, 2016

The RJUR Archives
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Featuring your favorite artists, albums, and live concerts. Get to know what these performers are all about. Their history, discography, and idiosyncrasy.


The Stoney Burke Show (Formerly "Rockin' Classics") Nostalgic cuts from the classic rock artists who moved and grooved you in the 60s, 70s, and beyond. From ZZ Top to the Allman Brothers. From SRV to CCR. From If to Them to Yes.


RockJock Reunion 2000
Los Angeles, California  

  Rock 'n' Roll Heaven, Orlando, Florida Rock 'n' Roll Heaven
Where Stoney got most of his music. Keeping this on here to remember Bill Warheit. Rest in peace, brother.

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OBITUARY June 3, 2022

Miguel G Llamas, also known as "Mike" and "Stoney Burke," born in Manila on November 6, 1952, died at age 69 in Quezon City on June 2, 2022 from a chronic lung ailment. He is survived by his wife, Ruby; step-son, Dante; children, Michelle, Kevin, and Nicole (Antoine); and three grandchildren.

He was a high school graduate of Don Bosco Makati, Batch 1970.

Mike retired in 2014 from General Building Maintenance Inc as Disneyworld/Orlando Branch Manager, after 15 years managing the company's top client.

Before migrating to the USA in 1986, he was with DZRJ as "Stoney Burke" the rockjock, Station Manager (1976), and Assistant General Manager (1979), making DZRJ-AM the Number 1 radio station in MetroManila.

Mike loved classic rock music, Harley Davidson, Jeep, science fiction, Star Trek, Star Wars, Stargate, superheroes, samurai, historical dramas, chili con carne, and crispy pata.

Miguel Llamas lived a short but full life.

[More stories on Mike's Facebook page.] ============================================

7/04/18: We're still here! Life goes on! Now we're working on launching a classic rock tribute band! We're calling it "The Stoney Burke Project". Rehearsals are ongoing so... wait for it.

4/02/16: Yes, you heard it right. The RocknRoll Diner is on hiatus. As I mentioned in our Season Ender show last March 5th, in the words of the Eagles in their Hell Freezes Over album, DZRJ and I are not splitting up, we're just taking a few months' vacation. In the meantime, the shows that have aired so far are on-demand right here. Stay tuned for what happens next. Thanks for being with us!

2/11/16: Didn't get to tune in to Stoney Burke's RocknRoll Diner last Saturday? No worries! On-demand streams are available. Scoot on over to the left-hand margin of this page and click on the air-date. Listen at your convenience. Enjoy!

1/19/16: As you might have noticed on my site header, I'm back on the air. In Manila. I'm hosting the RocknRoll Diner segment at RJFM 100.3 every Saturday, 9pm to midnight. The format is not the Rock of Manila but it's classic rock as you know it. A little on the light and familiar side. You can listen online through the RJ Planet website. Drop me a line on Facebook or via email.

01/06/16: Can you believe it's been three years since I updated my site? Wow. Over those three years, I've retired from work, gotten hospitalized for more than two months, moved back to the Philippines, and returned to radio.

Lots of updates to do, but first, here's a stream of a guesting gig with fellow jock Cousin Hoagy over at his Rock and Roll Machine show on Jam 88.3, Dec. 12, 2015. Captain Eddie joined us midway through the show.


Mike at his studio 01/14/13: Oh yeah, Burke's still here. Okay, not here, here, but HERE. A quick update for the new year: links are up for ALL of the Stoney Burke Show archives available for your streaming pleasure, anytime, all the time. Check out the Stoney Burke Show page.

Also, I've added shots of the pages of the Stoney Burke Productions Photobook that Ruby Toosday designed. A journal to chronicle our momentous experience.

12/08/11: Responding to a special request, I'm posting the last three hours of the Stoney Burke Show. The studio may have gone dark, but the music lives on.

The Stoney Burke Show
Airdate: 04/24/11

"Sadly, even good things come to an end. This is the last three hours of what we've called the Stoney Burke Show on RJ Underground Radio. Thank you, everyone, for being part of this segment of my journey." - Stoney B.
Stoney Burke Show: 04/24/11: Hour 1 Stoney Burke Show: 04/24/11: Hour 2 Stoney Burke Show: 04/24/11: Hour 3

08/16/11: Thought I'd share two more Rock'n'Roll Reviews that Ruby Toosday and I produced for RJ-AM a few months back. Eric Clapton's "Clapton" and Heart's "Red Velvet Car". Enjoy!

04/25/11: Due to unforeseen circumstances, I have put my shows on hiatus for an indefinite period of time. Over the next few months, I will make most of my previously-aired shows available here for on-demand streaming. Catch you all on the flip side.

01/14/11: Happy 2011, everyone! Here's my RJ-AM Rock'n'Roll Review of the Doobie Brothers' latest album, "World Gone Crazy":

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Mike Llamas
Mike Llamas
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